Saturday, July 7, 2012

Manta Waterfront Restaurant

It is a rainy, wintry Saturday afternoon at 2pm in Woolloomooloo and I'm hungry! Strolling down to Cowper Wharf, thinking it would be quiet, freezing and too late for lunch, I am pleasantly surprised! The wharf is bustling with folks, but has a very relaxing ambience. Best of all, the wharf is filled with outdoor heaters that actually work! Score! It seems a waste to come to Woolloomoolo and not sit out on the wharf.

Having already been to China Doll and wanting to try something new (and in the entertainment card), we venture next door to Manta Seafood Restaurant that is also quite busy. The staff are friendly and attentive - and getting an outside table straight away with menus was easy peasy!

Now time for a beverage! As it is Saturday, a cocktail is necessary. It appears that my sentiments were mirrored in most nearby tables. The cocktail menu is nice and short (which is always refreshing) - just ten cocktails split into seasonal, manta signatures and their twists on the classics all priced at $17. I love it when they are all priced the same! Despite this, I of course umm and ah when the waitress comes for the order.

Decision made: Cilantro Collins $17
Fresh coriander and pineapple puree mixed with Belvedere citrus
vodka, Canton ginger liqueur and a hint of lemon juice. Poured over
ice and topped with soda water.

Really refreshing drink! The pineapple puree and citrus vodka work wonderfully together and hey, lets face it - coriander is good times on everything! Would be extra lovely on a hot summer's day.

Other cocktails on surrounding tables looking thoroughly enjoyed:
Marnier Passion $17 Grand Marnier and Pama pomegranate liqueur fused with passion fruit, orange juice and fresh mint. Served long over ice.
Treuse And Surrender $17 Muddled cucumber and basil mixed with Martin Miller's gin, green Chartreuse liqueur, apple juice and a hint of lemon juice. Served martini style.

Now, onto the food! The food menu is also reasonably short, showcasing their specialities: seafood and steak. Seafood is split into raw, whole fish and crustaceans. Where as the steak section entertains all different cuts and is all Australian sourced.  There is also a whole vegetarian menu with appetisers, entrees, mains and desserts! However, on a mission to improve my iron levels - we go for the:

David Blackmore, 200g wagyu rump cap $49
with celeriac puree, roasted parnsips, watercress, spring onion and aged balsamic. wagyu streer 500-650 day grain fed, marble score 9+
Despite normally staying away from the rump cut with its uber tasty (but oh so bad)layer of fat, I can never go wrong with wagyu! Cooked to a perfect medium, the beef breaks apart effortlessly and the celeriac puree is just the right accompaniment. It's a filling amount and mash or chips would be an overkill. If peckish however, the "angel" chips with truffle oil and parmesan are a crowd favourite ($15.50).

With the main coming out in a cool 20 minutes or so, we were in and out of Manta within about an hour! All in a all, a great Saturday spur-of-the-moment fancy lunch!

Manta Weekend Lunch Special
$49 for 2 courses + a glass of sommelier’s choice wine
$59 for 3 courses + a glass of sommelier’s choice wine

Good deals!

Manta Waterfront Restaurant
6 Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo
Telephone: 02 9332 3822

Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner
Degustation: 6 courses for $110pp ($180 for matching wines)

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  1. Dude the cocktail looks amazing. I love Domaine de Canton!


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